Skea Eggs Hatches New Deal with Sainsbury’s


Harold Richmond, Skea Eggs Agricultural Director with Beth Ford and John Rudoe, Sainsbury’s

Press Release

May 2014


Northern Ireland Company to supply the largest amount of eggs to Sainsbury’s UK


Northern Irish egg company Skea Eggs has recently secured a lucrative deal with leading supermarket Sainsbury’s that will see it supply over 190 million eggs per year to 379 Sainsbury’s stores across the UK.


Skea Eggs, a supplier of Sainsbury’s since 1997, works with 112 farmers throughout Northern Ireland. The new deal for the Pomeroy based Skea Eggs who will now see its output of Free Range eggs from woodland farms increase by an estimated 60% in order to provide for such a wide customer base through Sainsbury’s.


Sainsbury’s now works with around 100 regional suppliers, including Skea Eggs, in order to provide its 13 stores in Northern Ireland with over 600 local lines.


Harold Richmond, Agricultural Director for Skea Eggs, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have been selected to supply Sainsbury’s with 35% of its own label eggs for the next three years. As a business we have grown from supplying Sainsbury’s in Ballymena in the 1990s and we have been very fortunate to have remained a close partner of Sainsbury’s in Northern Ireland and throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. We’re very proud of our 100-strong staff and we look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead with Sainsbury’s.”


Rebecca Read, Sainsbury’s Eggs Buyer adds: “We’ve worked closely with Skea Eggs in Northern Ireland for a number of years, which plays alongside our 145 year history of supporting farmers across the UK. 


It’s fantastic to see a local company with so much passion continue to prosper.”

9:17 am on June 26, 2014